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  • Frozen Flames Cover Reveal

    The day is finally here guys and I couldn’t be more thrilled to announce this event! Today I get to share with you the cover of a work that has been in progress for a very long time. This is a project that was born  over four years ago. However, I’ll spare you the sappy […]

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  • WIPWednesday: 2/15/17

    I’m trying something new this Wednesday. Instead of doing my usual Writing on Wednesday post, I’m going to try out the #WIPWednesday which was started by Brigid at Wordfare. Basically what this means, is that I’m going to give you an update on my latest WIP (Work In Progress). Here it goes.   WIP: The […]

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  • Writer’s Tool Box: Pinterest – Plus Photos from Frozen Flames

    Pinterest is definitely something that everyone has at least heard of, but it’s not often something used to its full potential. Pinterest, in as few words, is a place to store all your ideas. I use Pinterest for recipes on a budget, for DIY Christmas decorations, for gift ideas, and more. But today I’m going […]

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  • Exciting New Update: Cover Reveal Coming!

    Guyssssssssss. Guess what? I have a super exciting event coming up, and if you read the title of this blog post, then you already know what it is. But I am so thrilled to announce that my cover reveal for Frozen Flames is scheduled for February 17th! I am pumped! My baby will be making […]

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  • Monday Musings

    Monday A Poem.   Why do we sit here, and wonder what to do, when the list is three miles long? There’s an essay due on Wednesday, an exam on Thursday, But we complain. There’s nothing to do.   You see those things on the list won’t give us the satisfaction that we long for. […]