Peter is a red fox kit from the lakes of Canada. He loves to explore in piles of leaves, chasing beetles and digging holes. He is incredibly curious, and absolutely loves meeting new people. This kit is not very shy and his friendly nature means that he is always ready to play. Wherever he goes […]


Mumford is a miniature common mammoth, and just a baby. He loves gardening and is extra helpful at ridding the flowerbed of clover weeds by pulling them out with his trunk to snack on them. While an uncommon member of the animal kingdom, he is right at home in the house where he is protected […]


Thistle is a dragon cub that I found while I was touring the Scottish Highlands these past few weeks. Her downy baby fuzz helped to keep her warm while playing in the rainy rolling fields and mountains of Scotland. Just a newborn, she spends most of her day curled up napping or watching what is […]