School Work? or School Play?


We all know that feeling. Its Monday.

“Moooom, I can’t possibly go to school today!”  Then comes the stream of excuses such as “I’m sick” or “There is no school today,” or “Its only a half day, why go at all?” and finally, “I’ve got no tests, and nothing is due, so they won’t even miss me.” Regardless of your excuse, we have all tried to get out of school.


School is great for the first couple of weeks. There’s no work, you make new friends and hang out with old ones. There’s teams to try out for and clubs to join. Its all great and exciting. Then October comes around, and suddenly, it isn’t the greatest any more. What once was play, now becomes work.

Projects suddenly become due all on the same day as three other tests and an essay. You find that you don’t have any time for what you actually want to do. No-one has time to hang out any more, and the stress level rises as work keeps piling on.

How did it come to this?

The change that happened here, wasn’t just your teachers piling on work (though sometimes that is the problem) The difference between the two months was ‘School Work’ and ‘School Play’.

What on Earth is School Play?

You may ask. I’ll tell you. School play is those first few weeks when everything is smooth going and awesome. You’re interested in the work you are doing, and everything else that is going on. Mid-October, when you loose that interest, the fun easy projects suddenly become work because your heart isn’t in it anymore.

How do I stay interested ALL YEAR LONG?

Truth is, I don’t know. I am just an ordinary teen, working through these problems same as you are. When I figure out how to stay interested and loving school, I will tell you. As far as I can see, there are always going to be ups and downs, and you just have to learn how to weather them.


What did you think? Let me know!