The Joys of Writing a Book: After Chapters and Chapters, I Finally Finished The Last Pages

DSC_0553Writing! Reading! Movies! There is no end to the stories that people have created for our enjoyment. I mean, you could read anything  from a book on how to care for your pet worm, to the impending alien invasion, to post tribulation stress and issues. And like I mentioned in my post, Tale as old as Time: Why we love stories, there are millions of different story lines that people have thought up. And all thanks to one thing: the imagination.

Writing your own book is like having an adventure of your own.

Its true! While reading someone else’s book, you tag along while the main character goes through trials and lives adventure. But when you write your own book, you put yourself in the shoes of the main character, and live what they live. Don’t get me wrong, reading other people’s books is still exciting. I wouldn’t do it other wise. All I’m saying, is that when you write your own book, you have a chance to have everything happen the way you think it should. Its like finally reading the perfect book, literally. You only write it how you think it should be. Say good bye to disappointing endings!

So….. I wrote my own book! 

That’s right folks! The moment we have all been waiting for! I finished my book! It is called “The Last Pages” and is the first book I have ever actually finished and edited. Yay!!! To all those who can relate, the best feeling ever, is when you finally reach 70 000 words (The average YA novel length).

Plot: an author’s best friend

Ok, not literally, but knowing your plot line is really helpful. Like, really really helpful. The biggest problem I had when I started writing, is that I just liked to start the book, and then sort of ramble. That’s ok for the first bit, especially if your main character doesn’t know what is happening. But by the time you get to the halfway point, or when your plot starts developing, you need to know where it is actually going in the end. Twist endings will be almost impossible if you don’t even know where your story is going… exactly

Write out a list of characters, their motivations, and how this affects the plot. 

This helped tremendously. The best advise I had ever heard was “Don’t make the characters react to the plot, make the plot a reaction to the characters’ actions.” When you know your characters’ motivations, the plot follows along by itself. You can then write out the steps of the plot, and follow them for your story.

Revisiting old ideas is better than copying new ones. 

This is just my opinion. I mean hey, post tribulation was really popular when my parents were in high-school, and the Hunger Games just brought that hype back. It was not a new idea, but the way Suzanne Collins revisited the theme in a new light, made the series some of the most popular books of this time. Now, all those book that attempted to copy the Hunger Games were not nearly as popular. Which is why, when writing my book, I have revisited the Historical Fiction genre, with a little bit of Fantasy.

Runaways, cast-outs, long lost siblings, treason, and more…

That’s right. My book revisits all the old stuff, with a completely different light. It is my greatest wish that it will be published.  Here’s the cover flap paragraph as a little sneak peak:

The warmth of a hand over her mouth woke Kale with a start. Her heart was pounding out of control and her hands grew clammy. Before she could gather her wits, a voice whispered near her ear, “We have to go. Now! They are coming for me. They will come for you.” Kale slowly stood and grabbed her satchel. The speaker’s shadow was faintly visible in the moonlight. He shouldn’t be here. She thought. He said couldn’t see me again in-case someone found out. She followed him out into the cool night air. An alarm bell went off somewhere in the city, the distant voices of the guards drifting to her. So they finally found out. She thought nervously. She forced her legs into a sprint away from the town. Her home. Her only option left was to run.

So there you have it! Check in on my blog for more updates on my books.


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