The Reason Why People Loose Sight of Joy During the Christmas Season

DSC_0126Christmas is the season for hot-chocolate, fluffy white landscapes, and warm fuzzy feelings inside, right? People should be spending time with their families, and enjoying the season. So why does it seem like everyone has too much to do, and too much on their mind? There is one main reason, I think, that people loose sight of their joy during the Christmas season.

Jingle bells, driving smells, the streets are full of snow…

Driving is no fun during the winter, yet people seem to do it all day long. There is work to attend to, kids to drive to activities, schoolwork to finish, and gifts to buy. Our lists just get longer and longer. We all think that, ‘once I get this last thing done, I can sit back, and relax for Christmas.’ Hate to break it to you, but every time you get something done, you think of another chore that should be finished. Before you know it, the holidays are over, and all the work still needs doing.

Focus is the biggest joy steal-er during Christmas season. 

Thats right. Our focus is what causes us to loose sight of joy. When we are focused on getting the gift, instead of giving it, we miss the whole point. It doesn’t matter if your gift isn’t perfect, if you wrap it up with smiles and tie it with a little Christmas cheer, chances are, it will be the best gift anyone ever received.

The gift you give does not matter, only the manner in which it was given.

This is only one example of having our focus in the right place. When you focus on spending time with your family instead of pleasing them, you’ll find that you have more time to spend, and are not just focused on the schedule you have to attend to. Besides that, focusing on all that you already have, instead of all that you have to get, will lighten up your mood considerably. And of course, remembering the true meaning of Christmas- the first Christmas when the best gift ever, was given.

So keep your focus on what matters, and you Christmas season will me much less rushed and hectic.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season this year,


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