That’s So Awesome!!! : Take 2

Ever had that moment where you just think “this is sooo awesome…” ? I know I have. In my post “That’s So Awesome: Part 1” I started off my list of awesome things in my life. This post is about some more awesome things I thought of. Hope you enjoy, and maybe even realize some of your own awesome things that you may have forgotten.

1. Finishing a project.

Ok, let me just say straight off, this is just about the greatest feeling ever. You have a huge homework project, and you finish it early, and do it well. Now you don’t have homework on the weekend any more. This is just so awesome. Starting any long project is like an up-hill climb, but…. “where there is a will, there is a way!” You will get there someday if you keep working at it. And when you reach the peak, you feel like you are on top of the world!

2. Loon calls

If any of you have a cottage, have been camping, or have ever visited a lake at all, you should have heard the chilling howl of a Loon at least once. If not, look up Loon calls on YouTube. These birds are depicted on the Canadian dollar, and are commonly found in southern Canada. At night, they can be heard calling to one another.

The first time I heard a Loon, I jumped up from my bed like a rocket, the hair on the back of my neck standing up. Chills ran up and down my spine. I thought I had heard a wolf, but no, it was a Loon. I was captivated. At night after that, I would sit out on the dock, listening for Loons. Some friends taught me how to mimic the Loon’s call by blowing into my hands. I used this skill to get them to call back to me. It was the greatest ever. I loved being a “Loon whisperer” as my sister christened me when I was 8.

3. Dogs

Well, actually, animals in general, but my two dogs are just the greatest thing ever. We have two horses, two dogs, a cat, and a fish. Now, haha, we used to have… three rabbits, a hamster, a bunch of other fish, another three cats, and the occasional bird. So when it comes to pets, our family has seen just about it all. I can tell you right now, that in the eyes of a cat, you are a back scratch-er and a warm seat to sit on. Don’t get me wrong, they make great pets too. But in the eyes of a dog, you are the best thing… ever. Did you know that dogs have the same chemical reaction to your voice as humans do when they’re in love? (Don’t quote me on that one, it’s just something I have been told) Regardless, they look up to you no matter what. Plus, they are awesome listeners.

4. Thunder

I know a lot of people are scared of thunder, but, as you can see, it made it onto my awesome list. Thunder rolling by gives me the shudders, and often, it is scary, but the sheer loudness, and hugeness (excuse my grammar) is was makes it awesome. Now when it is really loud and close, then I get freaked out a little. But when it is just that awesome rumble after the flash, it is fun to watch and listen to from the window. Since we don’t get it very often, it is a treat when it does come around.

5. Wolf and Coyote howls

I guess I love this for the same reason I love Loon calls. Both are so mystic, and haunting, and beautiful. They remind me that there is something out there that is completely wild and free. The thought of a pack of wolves roaming through a snow covered forest, their large paws making no sound on the snow sends shivers of excitement and awe down my spine. I respect them I guess. They have no responsibilities, no fears except for humans.

So there you have it. Another list of what I find awesome. More to come soon! Subscribe to my blog to hear about updates, and let me know what you think by commenting!

I encourage you to find those things that make you say “awesome…”.


P.S. I do not claim that any of these pictures are my own. If you click them, it will take you to the site they were originally from.

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