The 6 Myths on Why You Shouldn’t Get a Dog

DSC_0954Yes, there are reasons to get a dog, and no, there aren’t many real reasons not to.  The picture to the left is our Labrador-retriever, Lexi. She is waiting for our dad to row back after his fishing trip (that tiny dot on the water is my dad in a canoe). So, you may be thinking, “Oh great, I am going to regret reading this, I’ll just be guilt-ed into getting a dog” then for one, you are wrong, and for two, I only wish to give some facts to those who have, or are considering getting a dog.

First and foremost, I would like to dispel some popular myths. These myths have been around for centuries, and are usually rattled off by parents to their child who is eagerly holding up their piggy bank and asking for a puppy. Here is a list of excuses that are used, and my explanation why they are not real reasons to never get a dog.

  1. They are stinky!!! Have you ever heard of a dog bath? There is a reason those things exist. Seriously, you and your family would stink too if you never took a bath. “But that’s too much work!” you say? Just plop them in a bucket of water and drench them in soap! Trust me, bathing a dog is a lot easier than bathing a two year old.
  2. They track mud all over the house!!! Again, you can buy this mitt thing to wipe your dog’s feet off with when it is really rainy outside, but 99% of the time, you won’t even need that. It doesn’t rain that much people.
  3. They will poop all over the house!!! Only young puppies may do this, before they are trained. Which is why, when you are training them, you should have a little section of the house gated off for the puppy, and make sure the floor is covered in newspapers. After the first month, poop messes are never a problem again.
  4. They shed!!! Yes some dogs do shed, but not all dogs. We also have a small Poo-chi, who is hypoallergenic, and therefore does not shed. You don’t want shedding? Get a dog breed that doesn’t shed! They don’t cost any more than dogs that do shed. In fact, the most expensive dog right now, is the Labrador-retriever, as they are the ideal “family-dog.”
  5. They will chew up everything, bark at guests, and generally be unpleasant!!! The only way your dog would ever get into any of these habits, is if you never trained it. If the dog was well trained from a puppy, you would never have any of these issues.
  6. But I’m allergic!!! Get a hypoallergenic dog, that is what they exists for.

So there you have it. The most popular reasons why you should not get a dog, and why they are completely irrelevant to whether or not you should actually get a dog. Truth is, the most common reasons people do not get dogs, are

  1. They are scared of them. Whether it is a bad experience from childhood, or anything else, people can be scared of dogs. Personally, I think that is just as crazy as being scared of all humans because you were punched a couple times as a kid. Trust me, not all humans are like that, just like not all dogs are like that. My mom got bit three times as a child, and though it took a while, she warmed up to our two dogs and now can be found cuddling with both of them.
  2. They don’t want the extra work. There is more work that goes into any pet, but it is worth it.
  3. They don’t have the space. If you live in a tiny apartment, it is kind of hard to get anything bigger than a T-cup dog. Ex. miniature: poodles, terriers, pincers, chihuahuas. Really, any small dog will do in this situation. Keep in mind, dogs are active, and don’t really like to be cooped up in small spaces for an extended amount of time.

Those three reasons are the only real reasons why people don’t want dogs. Now that we have covered that. Let’s move on to the reasons why you should get a dog.

A Dog will listen no matter what.

If you are feeling tired or down, your dog will love you and sit with you, and listen as you rant about your day.  To you, he may just be one part of your life. But to him, you are his life, you are all he’s got. There is no one more awesome than you in his eyes.

They are also awesome company when you are home alone, and they will protect you, and your land from squirrels, raccoon, coyotes, and other unwanted animals. (Personally, I rather like these animals, but I know having them off the property is appealing to many people.)

A puppy will teach responsibility. 

Kids, this one is great to use on your parents, trust me, I know. It worked for me. If you say, “But Mom, this dog would teach me to be responsible!” Bam. Your mother is going to go get you a dog just as soon as she can. But…. You must know that a dog does actually teach responsibility. You have to be ready  to let it out when it needs to go, and to feed, water, and bathe it regularly. It is work, but it will help  teach you responsibility.

So there you have it. Go get yourself a dog! Believe me, you will be glad you did.



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