It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas…

viewer-pic-tahuya-snow Soon there will be snow… Well. Unless you live in the deep woods up north, a place commonly known as Canada. If you can believe it, we already have snow, real snow, coating the ground. I mean… the grass is still poking through a bit… but you get the picture, right? Real snow.

Last year, snow didn’t come until, well, Christmas. And then to make up for its late arrival, it decided to stay well into April. Lovely aint it? Winter.

For some people, even the word winter sends chills down their spine. It means soggy gloves, wet boots, three extra layers of clothing that make you look like you’re ten times larger than you want to be, scraping off ice from the windshield early in the morning, freezing walks from place to place, the way your hair looks like it got hit by lightening every single time you take a hat off, ice that makes you slip down the front steps…

Yes. That’s one side of winter, and lots of us know it well.

Now. What about those other people, who actually like winter? How on earth can they stand it? There must be something good in there… right?


Let me tell you why. Scratch that, I’m going to give you a list. Here it goes:

List of good great things about winter:

  1. baggy hoodies and warm wool socks
  2. nice fuzzy mitts
  3. Christmas break!!!
  4. Hot chocolate (specifically white hot-chocolate. Though coffee is great too ; ) )
  5. seeing friends and family
  6. Christmas gifts and dinner (I mean seriously. It’s the most wonderful time of the year…)
  7. Large puffy snowflakes that you can catch on your tongue
  8. Icicles!
  9. sledding, skiing, snowboarding… need I go on?
  10. Snow dunes that are just meant for falling backwards into
  11. Those piles of shoveled snow that must be climbed
  12. Eggnog!
  13. Snowdays!
  14. The perfect selfie taken with friends, when the snow is falling just right… you know the one
  15. Christmas trees
  16. Lights
  17. Christmas shopping
  18. having the Christmas music finally in season! (playing 24/7 at our house right now)
  19. New years! Yes! We are almost halfway done a school year!!!
  20. Being able to just sleep in for two Mondays over the break.

See what I’m saying? There’s so many reasons to be thankful over the break. I mean… its a break. There couldn’t be a better thought. No school. Doesn’t that sound lovely? I can’t wait. The break also allows us all to just take a deep breath and focus on what matters. Like family and friends, being thankful, giving gifts, and food. Ok. So maybe the last two aren’t as important, but they still bring people together over Christmas.

So instead of grumbling about the snow and cold weather, why not look forward to the break, Christmas, and all the joy that comes in this season.

All the best,


What did you think? Let me know!