Fairy-Tale Romance, and Why We Love it So Much

The characters have flaws (sometimes) but somehow they meet, there’s glow and spark, fireworks and suddenly she’s got a ring on her finger and everyone’s problems are solved. Happily after they say.

No matter how unrealistic, no matter how cheesy, we love them… fairy tale romances.

I guess it’s that little part of us that never grows up, and longs for a love like that, that clings to these stories. They’re like the ideal love. Or, that’s what the movies makes it look like. Amid all the drama and sword fighting, somehow the love survives, and as long as these two people have each other, everything is ok.

Yes it’s sweet, but we’v been told time and again that love really isn’t that way. Some say its not as exciting, or a lot of work, and others say it runs much deeper than even the movies say. I guess I’ll never know for sure until I get to that point. But I like to think that it is something a little like the movies in that it involves two people who care for each other enough that they would like to spend the rest of their lives together, and love one another enough to accept each other’s quirks.

Anyways. I got on this topic mainly because I just finished reading The Selection series by Keira Cass.

And here are the lovely covers for  you…

Ok. First….. this is one of the best series I have ever read… so if you have not read them yet, I suggest you go do that right now.


It will be worth it. It is literally the perfect mix of action, adventure, relationships with friends, and figuring out a relationship with one very special prince. The romance is not overbearing or cheesy in any way. It’s simple, its real (yes, there are fights, and drama and all that good stuff) and the end left me hoping desperately that there would be another book.

Upon finding out that that was really the end of the series, and I would not get to see anymore of the prince and main character I had come to adore so much, I found myself obsessing. I was not only wondering if there were other books like this I could read (the story must go on!), but also wondering if love so simple and sweet between two people who started as friends could really exist.

No. I’m not expecting a fairy tale ending (though that would be nice…) this is the real world, and no one is near perfect.

Though stories like this do get me wondering if life can give us all a happy ending. And I do believe that can be found through my faith in God who helps pull me through every situation. But I also believe that along the way, he wants us to have a little fairytale of our own, and helps us all to see the light in life.

I’m clinging to the hope that I’ll find my prince charming some day ; ) and am now looking for another series to read.

I have no idea if any of this made sense, it was my ramblings that I needed to share, and I hope in the least that this was slightly entertaining.

Over and out,



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