A Christmas Collection of Crafty Things

Today is the last day before the break guys! Yay!!! We made it! And this is going to be an awesome two weeks off. Now you might be wondering what to do with all your amazing time off… right?

I know I know. You just don’t even know what do with the time off!  ; )

Well I have compiled a list of crafty and creative things to make over the break, to help those of us who get bored easily, love doing creative things, or just want to do something in the spirit of Christmas. None of these ideas are my own, they’re just the awesomeness I have found – and have tried – that I thought I would share with you guys!

So without further ado… here’s my awesome Christmas craft compilation:

Felt Poinsettia


Aren’t these cute? And they’re super easy  and fun to make. They would look amazing on a wall, or on your tree or even topping a gift.

Find the full instructions on Better Homes and Gardens. They have a really easy tutorial video there to follow.


Organic Decor

Found on bhg.com
Found on bhg.com

These cute decorations won’t cost you more than $2.00, buying the glass baubles at a craft store or hardware store, and using a vase you have around the house. Just go for a stroll and collect twigs, pinecones, branches, or other things you would like to showcase and slip them into the ornaments to hang on the tree or put in a vase. To match with the rest of your decorations, try adding some tinsel or ribbon into the mix.




Aren’t these little guys cute!!! I honestly want to just make a bunch and put them around the house right now. Such a great idea, and very festive!

Full tutorial found here.


Gorgeous Gift Wrapping


This picture I found on Pinterest, and isn’t it just lovely?

Gifts like this you could hang on your wall and just admire! Nowadays fairly natural looking wraps seem to be attractive, like brown packaging paper, which is easy to purchase, or even just newspaper!

Alternatively, you could use a plain colour (like the blue depicted), or even black, and use a white marker to drawn on snowflakes, snowmen or other designs.

The feathers can be made made by cutting out construction paper or cardstock, and then dipping the tips of the full feather in paint (silver and gold paint are fairly festive)


Alright, well hopefully I’ve inspired some Christmas themed craftiness this Holiday season! All the best and have a Merry Christmas!


What did you think? Let me know!