WIPWednesday: 2/15/17

I’m trying something new this Wednesday. Instead of doing my usual Writing on Wednesday post, I’m going to try out the #WIPWednesday which was started by Brigid at Wordfare.
Basically what this means, is that I’m going to give you an update on my latest WIP (Work In Progress). Here it goes.


WIP: The Others

Writing or Revising:

Revising, revising, revising. Just printed out this one, and I’m armed and ready with coloured pens and sticky notes to start attacking. I’ve had a few beta readers comb through it already, but it’s time to get into the long haul of this process.

Current Word Count: 98,578

How’s it Going?:

Slow going. Uni has crazy ups and downs with tons of work, and then no work hardly at all. So I try to use my time as best as I can when I’m given a chance. Not to mention that I’m in the middle of writing the second book in this series, along with a few other WIPs, and trying to get back into blogging. So there has been a lot going on.

Goal for Next Week:

Next week is reading week, so hopefully I’ll have a good few hours to devote to writing. I hope to get through a read of this draft, and start outlining plot, characters, setting, etc, so I can define which scenes are crucial, which need work, and which need to go.


I scanned his face, looking for signs of struggle, possible conflict, anything that might have to do with the window incident and the fact that he had seemed to know something about it.


“Is… that whole situation…”


“Dealt with.” One side of his mouth curled.


I looked down at the foam in my mug, before taking another sip. “Do I want to know what that means?”


Kaden raised an eyebrow. “I don’t know, kitten, do you?”


“Please don’t tell me you… killed anyone.”


Kaden’s eyes flashed closer to silver, and his smile changed. “Of course not. Only amateur monsters actually have to commit ghastly acts of violence. Seasoned monsters can just live off their glorious reputations and watch as everyone does their work for them.”


It was a challenge, somehow. His eyes glinted, as if he was waiting to see how I would respond. Was he trying to threaten me? “And are you a seasoned monster?” I attempted to act indifferent.


Kaden closed his eyes, looking almost as if he was sleeping there in the chair. “That depends on who you talk to.”


That’s all for now, guys! Depending on how this post goes, I might try to keep up with the WIPWednesdays, giving updates. Otherwise, Writing on Wednesdays will be back in full swing.


Thank you so much for stoping by!
If you are interested in beta reading this novel, feel free to contact me 🙂


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