Frozen Flames Cover Reveal

The day is finally here guys and I couldn't be more thrilled to announce this event! Today I get to share with you the cover of a work that has been in progress for a very long time. This is a project that was born  over four years ago.

However, I'll spare you the sappy backstory and get to why you're here. Frozen Flames has a beautiful cover and at last I get to share it with the world!

Without further ado... Drumroll please....


Frozen Flames  - June 1st 2017

Eagle and Child Books

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Lexi would give anything to have those minutes back—the minutes when she’d stood inside the fence, waiting for the clock to tick down on that stupid dare. If she hadn’t stayed—hadn’t gone in the first place—she wouldn’t be in this mess. 
But she had, and she was. And now things were different. 
Very different. 
When you wake up one day with a whole range of new abilities, life gets interesting quick. You can fly, disappear, and shoot deadly flames from your finger tips. Suddenly, being an orphan who’s forced to live at your high school seems like no big deal. Now your biggest worry is that people have started to notice. And they won’t seem to leave you alone. 
For Lexi, navigating this new world is no easy task. Can she control her abilities? Whom can she trust? Has she said goodbye to ‘normal’ forever?
 So excited to see my book making progress towards publication!
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