Writing on Wednesday: Still

I sit, currently, in my bed, tucked under my quilt, the single light illuminating the room being the desk lamp within reach. It’s late, and I just have gotten back from an exam. Calculus. But by the time you will be reading this, it’s likely already Wednesday morning.

That’s the joy of being able to schedule posts, I suppose.

Midterm season has already been hectic. But the most enjoyable part of this week, by far, was the previous weekend. The retreat I went on, with some good friends.

The best thing about retreats, is being able to take time away from the world to just be… still.

Life can get distracting, everything calling us with all sorts of demands. We worry about what we have to do, and what we’ve already done, but we don’t think in the moment. I rarely find myself just taking time to sit still, and reflect.

Retreats are good commas in the sentences of life, but I’ve discovered that taking time to just sit in the quiet is such a life giving thing. It’s not often enough that I pause to pray and reflect and just listen to the fan running in my room and the birds trilling outside.

So I guess this is less of a post, and more of a challenge for everyone today – no matter what you have going on later – to remember to take a breather, regain your focus, and just listen to the stillness.





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