Pepper is a Tufted Deer fawn. The Tufted deer is one of the smallest kinds of deer, like the muntjac, and they are found mostly in Burma and China. When they grow up, the males grow fangs, much like prehistoric relatives. Pepper is a baby girl, so she won’t grow any fangs, I promise.

She loves the garden, and you can hear her little hooves pattering over the cobblestones and through the flower beds as she explores. When she grows tired, she loves to curl up in a grassy patch to rest. She is very curious, and loves to be held.

Pepper is currently available for adoption and looking for a forever home. You can find her on Etsy.


As with any of my creations, Pepper is a multimedia sculpture made with high quality faux fur, a metal armature, and clay head and hooves. She is crafted with care and precision to ensure the best looking result.

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