Evelyn, or Evie for short, is an Old World two toed sloth who has a passion for the floral. She has a little pouch she carries around with her, that she fills with her favourite flower petals, but the flower she loves most stays in her fur as she works. She spends most of her day like any sloth, climbing along upside down, but she is more than happy to be interrupted for a hug.

Evie is just a small sloth, and so sometimes she has to stay very still to blend in and hide. Because of this, she has some moss growing on her back from the old forest.

Evelyn has found her forever home and is no longer available for adoption. Subscribe to my newsletter to be first to hear about any future sloths available.

As with any of my sculptures, Evie is a multimedia creation made from hand stitched high quality faux fur and sculpted clay. Many hours have gone into making her as detailed and lifelike as possible.

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