Jasmine is a black panther, which is actually not its own species. Black panthers, the subject of many a late night story or folklore, are actually just melanistic leopards or panthers, which means that instead of having spots, they end up with all black fur. Jasmine is a melanistic leopard, and it shows as she loves to climb trees and play, stalking bugs in the grass.

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Jasmine is available for adoption and looking for a forever home. You can find her on Etsy

Jasmine, like any of my creations, is made with a galvanized steel armature for full poseability, stuffing so she’s nice and squishy, high quality faux fur (some of the softest I’ve ever worked with), and clay head and toes. Her glass eyes and clay pieces have been meticulously hand painted with acrylic paints, before hand stitching her together. Many hours have gone into ensuring that she looks as realistic and cuddly as possible.


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