Mumford is a miniature common mammoth, and just a baby. He loves gardening and is extra helpful at ridding the flowerbed of clover weeds by pulling them out with his trunk to snack on them. While an uncommon member of the animal kingdom, he is right at home in the house where he is protected from any large predators and can snuggle with his human companions. His other pasttimes times include listening to 80’s music and blowing bubbles with his trunk. He is currently looking for a forever home.

Mumford is currently up for adoption and looking for his forever home. Find his adoption information on Etsy.


Mumford, like any of my creations, is made with a galvanized steel armature for full poseability, stuffing so he’s nice and squishy, high quality faux fur, and clay head and feet. His eyes, face, and other clay pieces have been meticulously hand painted with acrylic paints, before hand stitching him together. He is weighted to feel real when held, and stands at 6in tall at the shoulder. Many hours have gone into ensuring that he looks as realistic and cuddly as possible.


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