What is weight? Is it what most associate with mass?

The pull of gravity on snow as it floats to the earth, fighting the decent every bit of the way.

Is it the soft footfalls of a fox as it paces beneath the snow?

Is it the force that keeps us all glued to the planet that we know so much about, and yet have seen so little of?

Is it just mass?

Or is it something else.... something heavy?

But what is heavy?

Elephants are heavy. They are massive.

News is heavy too. But not massive. Less than a gram of paper can weigh more than an elephant.


Terrorist attacks.

People who forget that others are people too.

Clenched fists, held back words.


But people forget... weight is not limited to burdens.

Weight is associated with flying, too.

The absence of weight.

Love. Laughter.


Weightlessness would be just... -lessness without the weight

Most don't want less. They want more.

More money, more thrills. More time. More of less. Less work.

But then there has to be weight.

The snow has to be pulled down.

We are stuck here on this planet together.

Weight exists, so that because there is a down, there can be an up too.

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