Every Live Action Disney Movie You Didn’t Know you Were Waiting For

Disney seems to have landed on a jackpot recently. They own Marvel, Star Wars (along with all of Lucasfilms), all their blockbuster classics, Pixar, Disney-Pixar, and the rights to the Live Actions for the old classics. So basically every blockbuster movie coming out in the next while is owned by Disney. But let’s talk about […]

Waiting on Wednesdays

Hello again! The summer is coming to a close soon, I know, I can’t believe it either. But now’s the time to get back into writing and blogging, and after my short break, I’m happy to have a new post up! This one is a Waiting on Wednesdays post, with my top five books I’m […]

A Review of The Lunar Chronicles

Just finished these books… and stars, they’re a lovely world full of action, rebellion, romance, sarcasm and more goodies. I’m going to keep this review as spoiler free as I can (and if I end up adding a spoiler, I’ll let you guys know before hand).   Without further ado, let’s get into it.   […]

Review: Winners Curse and Winners Crime

The first book, “Winners Curse” was an emotional roller coaster, and I was very thankful to have “Winners Crime” handy beside me because of that cliff hanger. However, having just finished Winner’s Crime, I am left wondering what to do with myself after an even more heart wrenching cliff hanger than the first had, and […]