Making a Low Tech Projector: Step one – Brainstorm

Hey all, so for the next little bit, Hannah, Lauren, and I are going to work on making something traditionally very high tech in a low tech and very inexpensive manner. Overall cost to make our projector: $3      If you buy one… get one free However, this is even more inexpensive if you […]

Angel Process

Recently I did a work using Sketchbook Pro on my mac, that was an image of a girl with wings or an angel. I didn’t look at any other pictures, so I must apologize in advance, for her wings are no where near being anatomically correct to any bird. So if you are an avian […]

A Christmas Collection of Crafty Things

Today is the last day before the break guys! Yay!!! We made it! And this is going to be an awesome two weeks off. Now you might be wondering what to do with all your amazing time off… right? I know I know. You just don’t even know what do with the time off!  ; […]