Writing Wednesdays: Spring Evening

I never write two posts on the same day. In fact, I often slack off and miss writing posts for a week or more 😛 Today is a record breaking day, people. This will be my second post for today. I wrote my high school tips post yesterday and scheduled it for today, but I’ve […]

Grade 12 Epiphanies

So guess what guys. I’m in grade 12. More specifically… the last semester of grade 12. Pretty crazy right? And I know everyone says life just gets faster and faster as you go through it, and one day – bam – you’re old. But man, it’s already going fast. Yesterday I was starting my first […]

Determination, and Why it Plays with Procrastination and Perfection

Here’s another post in my write tips series. This is going to be number four. And actually, it’s not going to be about how to technically improve your writing, but how to help you in improving your writing. This relates to exams as well, I found, and so it falls right around that time of year. My […]

A Review of The Lunar Chronicles

Just finished these books… and stars, they’re a lovely world full of action, rebellion, romance, sarcasm and more goodies. I’m going to keep this review as spoiler free as I can (and if I end up adding a spoiler, I’ll let you guys know before hand).   Without further ado, let’s get into it.   […]

A Christmas Collection of Crafty Things

Today is the last day before the break guys! Yay!!! We made it! And this is going to be an awesome two weeks off. Now you might be wondering what to do with all your amazing time off… right? I know I know. You just don’t even know what do with the time off!  ; […]