Monday Musings

Monday A Poem.   Why do we sit here, and wonder what to do, when the list is three miles long? There’s an essay due on Wednesday, an exam on Thursday, But we complain. There’s nothing to do.   You see those things on the list won’t give us the satisfaction that we long for. […]

Writing on Wednesdays

Hello world. Sorry for the long absence. Surprise… I started university, and man, can life get hectic. In high school, exams were restricted to a nice week. Now you can be studying for seven weeks for the 9 different midterms you have, spread out through the short four month term of school. Joy. So I’m […]

Making a Low Tech Projector: Step Three – Revision

We put our heads together and worked on refining our creation. We changed the settings on the phone so that the image would not rotate, and then flipped it upside down.  This was to ensure that the image would be right side up when displayed on the wall. We also moved the paperclip stands inside […]

Making a Low Tech Projector: Step Two – Construction

We met again with all our supplies, and got ready to put together our projector. First step was cutting a circle in the end of the box. We traced around the magnifying glass, and then used our scissors (it would have been better to use an exacto-knife or cardboard cutter) to cut open the end. […]