Determination, and Why it Plays with Procrastination and Perfection

Here’s another post in my write tips series. This is going to be number four. And actually, it’s not going to be about how to technically improve your writing, but how to help you in improving your writing. This relates to exams as well, I found, and so it falls right around that time of year. My […]

The Death of ‘Said’

My next writing tips post is on dialogue. This is a huge topic for writers, as it can be very challenging to come up with witty, emotional, and yet realistic conversations between two fictional characters. Luckily, there’s an easy place to start, and that is with ‘said’. This is the most simple dialogue tag in […]

Distancing Yourself from Your Writing, and Why this is so Important

Part 3 of my writing series is on the relationship between authors and their readers! And…. well… the extent of this relationship should be very very little. And this is why… Readers want to get into a book. They want to see the world, live in it for a few hours… meet the characters, and […]

Show and Tell

You’ve probably heard the age old warnings about showing vs telling at least somewhere along the way. But this issue really is a huge one, and it’s important to stress, so I thought I’d post 2 in my writing tips series on showing and telling. Without further ado…   I’m not talking about show and […]

Never Use These Five Words in Your Writing

Ever wonder why some stories just grabbed your attention, held onto it, and wouldn’t let it go, even long after the book was done? Those were the books that you couldn’t put down at three in the morning. They made you laugh and cry, and desperate to get the next one in the series. You […]