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Something I love about writing, is hearing how much others have enjoyed my stories. Each of them holds my ideas, thoughts, and characters.  Some of those characters are who I wish I could be, based off of great people I’ve met, and people I think would be just awesome if they actually lived. In short, they are a little bit of my heart. I could never be more thrilled when I hear of people who connected to my stories as much as I do. I love making friends with other people who are into reading and writing, or just like the occasional book. And I’d love, love, love for you to join my street team. What’s a street team, you ask? Well, here’s the deal….

Street Team Perks

  • You get ALL of my books free…. yes, free, and BEFORE they release to everyone else. Your choice of paperback or ebook
  • Exclusive sneak peeks into the next book before it releases (more than the 3 chapters you can find on my blog)
  • Random surprises and goodies in the mail
  • A special birthday present from one of your favorite characters
  • An optional badge for your blog/website


Street Team Requirements

  • You must review each free book you are given before the release date of the book. Reviews should be on Amazon, GoodReads, Barnes and Noble, and your blog if you have one. (If you are unable to acquire an Amazon or B&N account you can do GoodReads and your blog if you have one.)
  • You will be given bookmarks, postcards, and other promotional material to leave around your town in various places (coffee shops, etc.). No one is going to be checking up on you, so this isn’t required per say, but if you love the books I’d love for you to spread the word.
  • That’s it! You get tons of benefits just for being a faithful reader willing to review the stories you love reading!

 Ready to Join?

You can contact me below to be considered for the street team. Please tell me the following in your email:

  1. How you heard about me
  2. Why you’d be a good person to be on my team.
  3. What your address is so we can mail you a copy of the book!

You’ll receive a response within 24 hours. Thank you so, so much!

Here is a “back flap” summary for each book!

The Last Pages is a YA historical fiction/fantasy

When Kale meets Leon, who insists that she must join him for her safety or die, she embarks on a journey that changes her life forever.

Fourteen year old, fun loving Kale led a simple life with her mother in a small 18th century town. That changed when fifteen year old runaway, Leon, forced her into joining him. Soldiers want Leon for treason. They want Kale now, too. She thinks it’s because she is with Leon, but he knows better.

In the quest to prove that he is innocent, Leon and Kale journey across untamed lands, discover secrets and romance, meet long lost siblings, and find out the truth about their pasts; a truth that should not have seen the light. It is truth, which may send the nearby kingdoms into war. They must try to keep each other alive, stop war from ravaging the land, and undo the mistakes they have made before it is too late.

Hope this gives you a sense of what it is about.

Frozen Flames is a YA Urban Fantasy (could be sci fi) novel

Lexi loves flying and turning invisible—or she would, if the FBI didn’t want to kill her for it.

She was a bystander, someone who happened to walk by at the wrong time when a recently discovered liquid combusted in a lab. As a result, her body accidentally absorbed the liquid, giving her abilities never before seen in the real world. In order to complete the biggest break-through known to man, the FBI needs the liquid inside her back—but extracting the energy will kill her. One of the recruits hired to bring her in is a fifteen year old boy named Alex Milton; a boy that was chosen for the job because of his ability to gain Lexi’s trust, his lack of family connections, and supposedly normal past. When he meets her, instead of bringing her in, he makes a different call.

Lexi must try to survive while fighting off her emotions towards Alex. Alex wants to be independent and fulfill his duty to the agency. What neither of them know, is that they set in motion something that cannot be stopped. One Head of the F.B.I has some intentions of his own. Something sinister is brewing at the agency, and it is bigger than both of them.


If you only want one of the books to review, please specify that in the body of the email.


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