Writing on Wednesday: Still

I sit, currently, in my bed, tucked under my quilt, the single light illuminating the room being the desk lamp within reach. It’s late, and I just have gotten back from an exam. Calculus. But by the time you will be reading this, it’s likely already Wednesday morning. That’s the joy of being able to […]

The Truth about Good and Evil

In an earlier post, The Myth Around Evil Villains, I talked about how villains shouldn’t be flat characters in your writing, and should have thoughts and motivations like everyone else. Reading my post, however, I realized that I hadn’t specified one very important point: Just because villains have thoughts and motives, and even a likeable […]

Promotion or Indifference, Freedom or Oppression?

It’s a balance, isn’t it? I was just thinking about all the political changes that are happening right now in Canada, and those who are arguing for and against the decision to abolish the law against doctor assisted suicide. It’s been a topic for ages really… freedom, and how much of it is healthy, and […]

Valentines, Romance, and Being Single

So… valentines. A day dedicated to love. It’s the day to post cute pictures on Facebook and Instagram of you and yours holding hands or cuddling. It’s the day to send sweet love notes and flowers, opening secret notes in the high school staircase, hoping that it is from that special someone. Yup, Valentines is […]

Fairy-Tale Romance, and Why We Love it So Much

The characters have flaws (sometimes) but somehow they meet, there’s glow and spark, fireworks and suddenly she’s got a ring on her finger and everyone’s problems are solved. Happily after they say. No matter how unrealistic, no matter how cheesy, we love them… fairy tale romances. I guess it’s that little part of us that […]