Reading, Oh the Blessed Joy…

No two persons ever read the same book. ~Edmund Wilson I so whole heartedly agree! Books are so many things. They are worlds to get lost in. They are messages about the world, life, and love to ponder and cherish. They are examples, and warnings. They encourage us to find the hero in ourselves, and […]

Back From Camp

Camp. Now that’s a word that has a bunch of different meanings. To some, it means going camping out in the woods. To others, it means making a tent out of a sheet in the living room and watching discovery channel. To others, it means heading up to the cottage. And to still others, it […]

Realism in The Bible

I wrote an article for the student run magazine/blog the Alethian. It is a Christian blog that has everything from student’s works, to why apologetics are important to the Christian faith. I wrote an article for them on realism in the Bible. So I thought I would share my little article with you. Here it […]

Short Term Mission Trips: Something You Didn’t Know About Them

So I just came back from a SMT (Short-term Missions Trip) that completely changed my life. I would have come back and written about it right away for you guys, but of course, it didn’t happen. Miss one week of school and voila, you’re months behind. So, here I am, finally free of homework (for […]

Should I? Should I Not? Should I?

  Initiative and confidence can escape us when we need them most. It happens all the time right? We say, “It’ll totally be a blast, I mean, performances? I’ve got this down pact.” Then we get up onto the stage and our palms start to sweat. The crowd doubles in size and your heart leaps […]