Europe Trip: The Rest of England, and off to Italy!

So, it’s taken a while for me to continue this journal/diary thing about my Europe trip, and I sincerely apologize. It has just been so busy! Has it really only been a week and a bit since I last wrote? It feels like years ago that we were in London. And yet it wasn’t. Strange […]

My Europe Trip: Day One and Two

Hello all! Where to begin… Oh I know. The … well… long flight here. Seven hours beside my not so well brother, and not one wink of sleep. Fun. Lets hope that getting there isn’t actually half the journey, because getting there wasn’t all that great. Our flight was from 10:00pm Canadian time, until 10:15am, […]

Realism in The Bible

I wrote an article for the student run magazine/blog the Alethian. It is a Christian blog that has everything from student’s works, to why apologetics are important to the Christian faith. I wrote an article for them on realism in the Bible. So I thought I would share my little article with you. Here it […]

The 6 Myths on Why You Shouldn’t Get a Dog

Yes, there are reasons to get a dog, and no, there aren’t many real reasons not to.  The picture to the left is our Labrador-retriever, Lexi. She is waiting for our dad to row back after his fishing trip (that tiny dot on the water is my dad in a canoe). So, you may be […]

That’s So Awesome!!! : Take 2

Ever had that moment where you just think “this is sooo awesome…” ? I know I have. In my post “That’s So Awesome: Part 1” I started off my list of awesome things in my life. This post is about some more awesome things I thought of. Hope you enjoy, and maybe even realize some […]