Fairy-Tale Romance, and Why We Love it So Much

The characters have flaws (sometimes) but somehow they meet, there’s glow and spark, fireworks and suddenly she’s got a ring on her finger and everyone’s problems are solved. Happily after they say. No matter how unrealistic, no matter how cheesy, we love them… fairy tale romances. I guess it’s that little part of us that […]

Of Comfy Chairs, Books, and Other Things…

To say that tonight is a silent night, would be a lie. To say it is a quiet one is more near the truth. The elms and evergreens outside are basked in shadows, and yet they are full of life. Late summer breezes blow through their branches, lifting the soft chirping of the crickets high […]

The Last Pages Release!

Drum roll please! dun dun dun… The Last Pages has released! Yay! It is officially available on Amazon, and in one or two weeks, it will also be available as an ebook! Now, to celebrate, I have here with me, two sample chapters. Enjoy.                       […]

Writing Process Blog Tour!

So, I was invited to participate in a writing process blog tour, and so here is my post. I am so sorry that this took so long, to all of those who were expecting this. First and foremost, thank you to Megan Easley-Walsh, for nominating me. I will have links to her blog and a […]