Mumford is a miniature common mammoth, and just a baby. He loves gardening and is extra helpful at ridding the flowerbed of clover weeds by pulling them out with his trunk to snack on them. While an uncommon member of the animal kingdom, he is right at home in the house where he is protected […]

The 6 Myths on Why You Shouldn’t Get a Dog

Yes, there are reasons to get a dog, and no, there aren’t many real reasons not to.  The picture to the left is our Labrador-retriever, Lexi. She is waiting for our dad to row back after his fishing trip (that tiny dot on the water is my dad in a canoe). So, you may be […]

That’s So Awesome!!! : Take 2

Ever had that moment where you just think “this is sooo awesome…” ? I know I have. In my post “That’s So Awesome: Part 1” I started off my list of awesome things in my life. This post is about some more awesome things I thought of. Hope you enjoy, and maybe even realize some […]

That’s so Awesome!!! (plus: how to make the BEST hot cocoa)

Rain drops on roses, whiskers on kittens, shiny brass kettles and warm woolen mittens. Brown paper packages tied up with string…… these are a few of my favorite things. Hmmm um um hmmm um um hmmm um um uhum ladee dadade ladoo dada doo… Sorry, it got stuck in my head :). If you’ve seen […]

Pets, Pets, and More Pets!

  We’ve got two great dogs at home. The one that you can see watching us from the dock’s name is Lexi. She’s a Labrador Retriever and has been an angel in the family for the six years we have had her. Now I know that animals may not be your highest priority of interest. But I […]