Every Live Action Disney Movie You Didn’t Know you Were Waiting For

Disney seems to have landed on a jackpot recently. They own Marvel, Star Wars (along with all of Lucasfilms), all their blockbuster classics, Pixar, Disney-Pixar, and the rights to the Live Actions for the old classics. So basically every blockbuster movie coming out in the next while is owned by Disney. But let’s talk about […]

Valentines, Romance, and Being Single

So… valentines. A day dedicated to love. It’s the day to post cute pictures on Facebook and Instagram of you and yours holding hands or cuddling. It’s the day to send sweet love notes and flowers, opening secret notes in the high school staircase, hoping that it is from that special someone. Yup, Valentines is […]

Back From Camp

Camp. Now that’s a word that has a bunch of different meanings. To some, it means going camping out in the woods. To others, it means making a tent out of a sheet in the living room and watching discovery channel. To others, it means heading up to the cottage. And to still others, it […]

Europe Trip: The Rest of England, and off to Italy!

So, it’s taken a while for me to continue this journal/diary thing about my Europe trip, and I sincerely apologize. It has just been so busy! Has it really only been a week and a bit since I last wrote? It feels like years ago that we were in London. And yet it wasn’t. Strange […]