How to Deal with Stress!

Don’t you just love that picture? I’m sure it rings a bell for more people than just myself… I was actually stressed this morning, wondering what on EARTH I could write about on my blog. For the past couple posts, I had written about writing tips, because writing is one of my passions, but it […]

The 3 Reasons Why Your Imagination is Like a Pair of Binoculars

Binoculars? Really? Yes. Imagination is a crazy thing, and if you have even a little of it, you will know what I mean. It almost has a mind of its own. But as to the three reasons of why your imagination is like a pair of binoculars, well… 1. Binoculars are used to get a different view […]

School Work? or School Play?

We all know that feeling. Its Monday. “Moooom, I can’t possibly go to school today!”  Then comes the stream of excuses such as “I’m sick” or “There is no school today,” or “Its only a half day, why go at all?” and finally, “I’ve got no tests, and nothing is due, so they won’t even […]