The Last Pages Release!

Drum roll please! dun dun dun… The Last Pages has released! Yay! It is officially available on Amazon, and in one or two weeks, it will also be available as an ebook! Now, to celebrate, I have here with me, two sample chapters. Enjoy.                       […]

Cover Reveal for The Last Pages!

Hey all! The moment we have been waiting for has finally arrived! The Last Pages, my debut novel, has a face! I, for one, can not truly believe I got this far, and I am beyond happy. Now I can share this with you! Here it is….. scroll down!             […]

That’s So Awesome!!! : Take 2

Ever had that moment where you just think “this is sooo awesome…” ? I know I have. In my post “That’s So Awesome: Part 1” I started off my list of awesome things in my life. This post is about some more awesome things I thought of. Hope you enjoy, and maybe even realize some […]

New YA Novels Soon to be Published

Ahhhh!!!! Ok. I’m good now. Sorry about that, I’m just a little bit excited. My two YA novels I had mentioned before in “The Joys of Writing a Book” are going to be published!!! For those of you who don’t know, the publishing process, in my opinion, is probably the trickiest part of the whole […]

Should I? Should I Not? Should I?

  Initiative and confidence can escape us when we need them most. It happens all the time right? We say, “It’ll totally be a blast, I mean, performances? I’ve got this down pact.” Then we get up onto the stage and our palms start to sweat. The crowd doubles in size and your heart leaps […]