Peter is a red fox kit from the lakes of Canada. He loves to explore in piles of leaves, chasing beetles and digging holes. He is incredibly curious, and absolutely loves meeting new people. This kit is not very shy and his friendly nature means that he is always ready to play. Wherever he goes […]

Grade 12 Epiphanies

So guess what guys. I’m in grade 12. More specifically… the last semester of grade 12. Pretty crazy right? And I know everyone says life just gets faster and faster as you go through it, and one day – bam – you’re old. But man, it’s already going fast. Yesterday I was starting my first […]

Show and Tell

You’ve probably heard the age old warnings about showing vs telling at least somewhere along the way. But this issue really is a huge one, and it’s important to stress, so I thought I’d post 2 in my writing tips series on showing and telling. Without further ado…   I’m not talking about show and […]

Promotion or Indifference, Freedom or Oppression?

It’s a balance, isn’t it? I was just thinking about all the political changes that are happening right now in Canada, and those who are arguing for and against the decision to abolish the law against doctor assisted suicide. It’s been a topic for ages really… freedom, and how much of it is healthy, and […]