Making a Low Tech Projector: Step Two – Construction

We met again with all our supplies, and got ready to put together our projector.

First step was cutting a circle in the end of the box. We traced around the magnifying glass, and then used our scissors (it would have been better to use an exacto-knife or cardboard cutter) to cut open the end. We had to modify the box a little by cutting off some of the extra cardboard pieces that would have been in the way of the lens.


Now we had to attach our lens/magnifying glass. We got out the tape and secured it in place over our opening. We also had to make our box/projector more sturdy by taping the sides and corners to insure no light would be let in. img_5577

We made paperclip stands by folding out paperclips and ensuring they could hold up the phone if the box were to shake.






This is when we were ready to try out our prototype, so we turned on our phone, found a picture of Kanye West and put it inside, flicking off the lights.

The image was upside-down on the wall, blurry, and really hard to see.

We decided we would have to make some adjustments.


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