Peter is a red fox kit from the lakes of Canada. He loves to explore in piles of leaves, chasing beetles and digging holes. He is incredibly curious, and absolutely loves meeting new people. This kit is not very shy and his friendly nature means that he is always ready to play. Wherever he goes he brings with him the spirit of the Canadian forests which, in the autumn, are the same vibrant shade as his fur. Peter is a special fox kit as he is a project close to my heart. He is looking for a very special someone to adopt him and give him his forever home.

Peter is up for adoption and looking for his forever home. Find more information on Etsy.

Peter, like any of my creations, is made with a galvanized steel armature for full poseability, stuffing so he’s nice and squishy, high quality faux fur, and a clay head. His eyes, nose, and other clay pieces have been meticulously hand painted with acrylic paints, before hand stitching him together. He is weighted with stones taken from a Canadian lake to feel real when held and so that he really carries his home with him. Many hours have gone into ensuring that he looks as realistic and cuddly as possible.



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