Susan is a miniature two toed sloth, and just a baby. She loves to spend her days hanging upside down in the tree branches, exploring at her own leisurely pace. She is determined to one day catch one of the bees that fly by her, but has yet to accomplish this feat. The only thing Susie loves more than exploring, is a warm hug. She is looking for a very special someone to adopt her and give her her forever home.

Susan is up for adoption and looking for her forever home. Find more information on Etsy.

Susie, like any of my creations, is made with a galvanized steel armature for full poseability, stuffing so she’s nice and squishy, high quality faux fur, and clay head and toes. Her eyes, face, and other clay pieces have been meticulously hand painted with acrylic paints,and polished with high quality varnish to give them that lifelike sparkle, before she was hand stitched together. Many hours have gone into ensuring that she looks as realistic and cuddly as possible.

Susie is a finished creation and ready to go home today! She would make a wonderful gift this holiday season.


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