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Hi? Hello? Welcome? I’m not really sure how to start this paragraph… oh well, here it goes

My name is Lara Whatley as you may have guessed from the web address. I guess the most important fact about me, is that I am a Christian. After reading that sentence, I know a lot of people will immediately think of me differently. And, that is totally ok! After all, I am different, in a way. But, aren’t we all?

Lets get on with the introduction. I am university student who loves all things artsy, animals, reading, and writing.

I have been reading ever since I could, and then later on, writing my own stories. I am currently in the publishing process for my constantly growing list of works in progress. Books completed include The Last Pages, and Frozen Flames. To out how you can get copies of my books for free before they release to the public, click here.

I guess I just love being creative, because besides my love for writing, I also have a passion for art and music. I play the harp, piano, and guitar currently, but am most passionate about the harp. I do crafts whenever I find a new idea, and am a big fan of Pinterest.

If you would like to contact me, you can follow me on Twitter at @LaraEwrites, find me on Facebook, or send me an email!

So yup, there’s the basic info on yours truly.


P.S. If you read that whole thing… 1. Congrats 2. I am honoured 🙂

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